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30 Years of Architecture

“Rob Krier’s 1979 book, Urban Space (Rizzoli International Publications) has been republished repeatedly. He has led a prolific practice, Krier Kohl Architects, Berlin, with numerous new urban settlements completed throughout Europe, as well as individual buildings. His sculptures embellish important public spaces in European cities.”

Source: UM School of Architecture Rob Krier,
October 11, 2010 (on Vimeo).

30 Years of Architecture and Urbanism

“Leon and Rob Krier are among the most important architects and urbanists of our time, with global influence. Born in Luxembourg, the brothers witnessed the devastation of their home city by poor planning and building, leading them to study the difference between historical and modern urban development. Embracing the principles and techniques of traditional architecture and urbanism they have shared a lifetime of rigorous study of urban places and elements of architecture through drawings and writings, publications, public lectures, university teaching and built work.”

Source: UM School of Architecture Leon and Rob Krier,
October 11, 2010 (on Vimeo).

Importance of the Basic Elements in Architecture

“Warren Orbaugh interviews Rob Krier on the importance of basic elements in architecture. Orbaugh begins by quoting Krier's book on what he believed to be the concept of theory put to practice. Krier states the relevance of different elements and details in architecture. He explains the idea of typology of spaces and the importance of proportions, based on past teachings to his students. He describes how modern currents are bound to fail in the future due to the lack of consistency they present. Finally his brother, Léon Krier, comments on the UFM's campus setting.”

Source: newmedia UFM, Rob Krier,
October 19, 2010 | Universidad Francisco Marroquín.

The Art of Making Places (Part III)

“In this conference Rob Krier speaks about his and Leon Krier's designs and architecture structures through their careers. He explains how important events in European history, such as the war he lived when he was younger, influenced him in his ideas and tendencies regarding architectural designs. He presents some of his major works and structures, which were set to replace all of the destroyed cities that were left after World War II.”

Source: newmedia UFM, Rob Krier,
October 18, 2010 | Universidad Francisco Marroquín.

The Art of Making Places- Panel Discussion (Part IV)

“In this video, Dhiru Thadani leads Léon Krier and Rob Krier in a panel discussion that revolves around their philosophies and ideas about work in the field of architectural and urban design. Both talk about the expansion and change that urban planning is now facing throughout the world, mentioning concrete examples in countries like Italy. They also discuss their life-long experiences in this field and how each of them began and came to expand their career. They draw on their many years of experience to comment the future and importance that urban planning entails. For them, understanding the history of structures provides a useful tool in composing elements in building and constructing new designs. Finally, they give useful suggestions to future architects, which include actively getting to know traditions in a region and understanding the importance of forming cities.”

Source: newmedia UFM,
Léon Krier, Rob Krier, Dhiru Thadani,
October 18, 2010 | Universidad Francisco Marroquín.

How to Repair the City

“Rob Krier is one of most influential voices talking about the modern city. In this interview dating from 2010 he talks about his studies, his critique on the modernist city and the difficulties of trying to realize his ideas.”

Source: Youtube Rob Krier, December 1, 2010.

Krier Millennium Gate

“Robert Krier talks Savannah”

Source: Youtube October 26, 2010.

Stylos MasterclassIII (Rob Krier) compilation video

“The theme of the 3rd edition of the Stylos Masterclass was 'Composing Urban Space'. Under personal guidance of Professor Rob Krier, the participants were asked to design an urban composition in the existing fabric of the city of The Hague. The focus was on spatial experience that is generated by careful composition and proportioning of the built environment.
Because of this unique opportunity the committee organized a symposium with the theme "composing urban space" This symposium, were Sjoerd Soeters and Rob Krier both gave inspiring lectures, took place on December 1st.
The video shows a compilation of both the symposium and the masterclass.”

Source: Vimeo.