Curriculum Vitae

Born in Grevenmacher at the Moselle, Luxembourg
Journey through Italy stopping in Como, Milan, Pisa, Florence, Ravenna, Venice, Padua, Verona and Vicenza
Journey to Rome, Italy
Matura at the Lycée Classique in Echternach, Luxembourg
1959 - 1964
Study of architecture at the Technical University Munich, Germany
Participation at Oskar Kokoschka's "school of Vision" at the summer Academy in Salzburg
1965 - 1966
Freelance-employee at Prof. Oswald Mathias Ungers in Cologne and Berlin, Germany
1966 - 1970
Freelance-employee at Prof. Frei Otto in Berlin and Stuttgart, Germany
1970 - 1971
Assistant with Bodo Rasch Sr., Stuttgart, Germany
1971 - 1973
Assistant with Faller and Schröder, Stuttgart, Germany
Lecture tour of 25 schools of architecture in the USA
1973 - 1975
Assistant teacher to Professor Johannes Uhl at Stuttgart University, Germany
Visiting professor at the École Polytechnique Fédérale Lausanne, Switzerland
Minor architectural prize from the Berlin Academy of Arts
1976 - 1994
Office in Vienna, Austria
1976 - 1998
Professorship at the Technical University Vienna, Austria (Head of the Institute for Design)
Architectural prize of the City of Vienna, Austria
Visiting Professor at Yale University, New Haven, USA
Acquisition of an old coachhouse, once used as a shoe factory, then as a wartime hideaway for partisans and, finally, as a bus garage, in Bargemon in the Département of Var in the South of France. Conversion to form a studio for sculptural works. Leo moves to the neighbouring town of Claviers.
Honorary doctorate from the university of Stockholm, Sweden
since 1994
Main residence in Herderstrasse in Berlin-Charlottenburg, second residence and sculpture studio in Andora-Duomo in the region of Liguria, Italy
1992 - 2004
Building Office in Montpellier, France (in collaboration with Nicolas Lebunetel)
1993 - 2010
Office in Berlin, Germany, in partnership with son-in-law Christoph Kohl
Honorary member of the American institute of Architects (AiA)
Donation of my architecture archive to the german Museum of Architecture (DAM) in Frankfurt am Main, Germany
The discovery - while researching though papers belonging to my uncle Ernest - that my surname is recorded in the annals of the Moselle village, Ahn, in the early 18th century as Crÿer, with two dots over the Y.
How I would have loved to have borne the name ROB CRŸER!
Rob Krier lives and works in Berlin and in Liguria, Italy.